Common NamesScientific NameFamilyFlower ColorPlant TypeDescriptionIntroducedLocationNativeWatershedWeed
tumble pigweedAmaranthus albusAmaranthGreenHerbAmaranthus albus, tumble pigweed Yes       Yes
prostrate pigweedAmaranthus blitoidesAmaranth Herb          Yes
redroot pigweedAmaranthus retroflexus AmaranthGreenForb          Yes
creeping barberry, creeping Oregon grapeBerberis repensBarberry        Yes    
Oregon grapeMahonia repensBarberryYellowShrubGrape-like berries. Leaves: Prickly toothed leaflets   McCall Yes   No
mountain alderAlnus incanaBirch TreeA small stream-side tree. Flowers and catkins develop and flower on twigs of the previous year before the leaves come out.   McCall Yes   No
Sitka alderAlnus sinuataBirch-catkins-Tree      Yes   No
western birchBetula occidentalisBirch Tree          No
blazing star, smoothstem blazingstarMentzelia laevicaulisBlazing StarYellowHerb      Yes   No
Dutchman's breechesDicentra cucullariaBleeding heart or Fumatory ForbDutchman's breeches is a native wildflower that grows in a few partial shade sheltered canyon environments. These spots have more moisture than rangelands, but are not really wet soil.     Yes    
steer's headDicentra unifloraBleeding heart or FumatoryWhiteHerb      Yes   No
fiddleneckAmsinckia intermediaBorageYellow or PurpleHerbHay containing fiddleneck is poisonous to livestock         Can be
rigid fiddleneckAmsinckia retrorsaBorageOrange, YellowForb      Yes    
Asperugo procumbensBorage             
matted cryptanthaCryptantha circumscissaBorageWhiteHerb        Owyhee No
cryptanthaCryptantha glomerataBorageWhiteHerb      Yes   No
cryptanthaCryptantha sp.BorageWhiteShrub          No
rats and mice, gypsyflower, gypsy flower, hound's tongue, hounds-tongue, hounds tongueCynoglossum officinaleBoragePurpleForb  North America        
blue stickseed, Jessica sticktightHackelia micrantha Borage        Yes    
salt heliotropeHeliotropium curassavicum L. Borage Shrub      Yes   No
stickseed, wild forget-me-notLappula velutinaBorageBlueHerb      Yes   No
corn gromwellLithospermum arvenseBorage             
puccoon, wayside gromwellLithospermum ruderaleBorageYellowishHerb    McCall Yes   No
long-flowered bluebellMertensia longifloriaBorageBlueHerb      Yes   No
broad-leaf bluebellsMertensia platyphyllaBorageBlueHerb    McCall Yes   No
broomrapeOrobanche sp.BroomrapeYellow, white, purple Broomrape     Yes   No
buckbrush, snowbushCeanothus velutinusBuckthornWhiteShrubLeaves persistent, N fixing genus. Leaves: Shiny upper side   McCall Yes   No
northern buckwheat, arrowleaf buckwheatEriogonum compositumBuckwheat        Yes    
yellow buckwheatEriogonum flavumBuckwheatYellow, redShrub      Yes   No
parsnip-flowered buckwheatEriogonum heracleoidesBuckwheat  parsnip-flowered buckwheat (Eriogonum heracleoides)     Yes   No
birdnest buckwheatEriogonum nidularium Coville Buckwheat Forb      Yes   No
cushion buckwheat, oval-leafed eriogonum Eriogonum ovalifoliumBuckwheatCream whiteShrub      Yes   No
strict buckwheat, Blue Mountain buckwheatEriogonum strictumBuckwheatWhite-pale pinkShrubVery low growing.     Yes   No
thymeleaf buckwheatEriogonum thymoidesBuckwheat        Yes   No
sulphur-flowered buckwheat, sulphur buckwheatEriogonum umbellatumBuckwheatYellowForb      Yes   No
smart weed, smartweedPolygonumBuckwheatPink and YellowishForb      Yes   Yes
erect knotweedPolygonum argyrocoleonBuckwheatGreenForb          Yes
water smartweedPolygonum coccineumBuckwheatPinkForb      Yes   Yes
knot bindweed, black bindweed, ivy bindweed, climbing bindweedPolygonum convolvulusBuckwheat Forb  Yes   No   Yes
Japanese knotweedPolygonum cuspidatum Buckwheat Forb      No   Yes
sheep sorrelRumex acetosellaBuckwheatPink, Yellow, Creamy WhiteHerb    McCall     Can be
sand dockRumex venosusBuckwheatPink and YellowishForbperennial     Yes   No
monk's HoodAconitum columbianumButtercupPurpleHerb1.5 to 7 feet tall.   McCall Yes   No
columbine Aguilegia sp. ButtercupWhite, yellowForb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
Piper's anemone, windflowerAnemone piperiButtercupWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
rocky mountain red columbineAquilegia formosaButtercupRedHerb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
blue clematisClematis columbianaButtercupBlueVine    McCall Yes   No
sugar bowlClematis hirsutissimaButtercup Herb      Yes   No
virgin's bower, western clematisClematis ligusticifoliaButtercupWhite, yellowVine      Yes   No
bicolor larkspurDelphinium bicolorButtercup        Yes   No
little larkspurDelphinium bicolorButtercup Herb      Yes   No
blue larkspur, little larkspurDelphinium bicolorButtercupBlueHerb      Yes   No
wild peonyPaeonia browniiButtercupBrown-reddishHerbCompact near ground. Leaves: Deeply lobed, leathery   McCall Yes   No
sagebrush buttercupRanunculus glaberrimusButtercupYellowHerb      Yes   No
blister buttercup, cursed buttercupRanunculus sceleratus Buttercup             
buttercupRanunculus spButtercupYellowHerb    McCall Yes   No
bur buttercup, hornseed buttercup, curveseed butterwort, testiculate buttercupRanunculus testiculatusButtercupYellowishHerb      No   Yes
meadow rueThalictrum occidentaleButtercupBrownHerb    McCall Yes   No
butterfly bushBuddleja sp.Butterfly bush Shrub      No   Yes
skunk cabbageLysichitum americanumCalla-lilyYellowHerb      Yes   No
yellow beeplant, yellow spiderflower Cleome luteaCaperYellowHerb      Yes   Can be
golden beeplant, golden spiderflowerCleome platycarpaCaper        Yes   No
rocky mountain beeplantCleome serrulataCaperPurpleHerb      Yes   Can be
CleomellaCleomella macbrideanaCaperYellowForbThe cleomella pictured here was found on very poor, bare clay soil in the Succor Creek watershed.     Yes   No
cat-tailTypha latifoliaCat-TailBrownForbTall perennial, creeping rhizomes.     Yes   No
yarrowAchillea millefoliumComposites, SunflowerWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
Russian knapweed, hardheadsAcroptilon repensComposites, SunflowerPink, roseShrub  Yes   No   Noxious, Yes
pathfinder, trail plantAdenocaulon bicolorComposites, SunflowerGreen, mixedForb    McCall Yes   No
false dandelion, short-beaked agroseris, pale agoseriAgoseris glaucaComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
western pearly everlastingAnaphalis margaritaceaComposites, SunflowerWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
pearly pussytoesAntennaria anaphaloidesComposites, SunflowerWhite, yellowHerb    McCall Yes   No
stinking chamomile, mayweed chamomileAnthemis cotulaComposites, Sunflower    Yes       Yes
heart-leafed arnicaArnica cordifoliaComposites, SunflowerYellowHerbLeaves: Heart shaped   McCall Yes   No
silver sagebrushArtemisia canaComposites, Sunflower  perennial     Yes   No
tarragonArtemisia dracunculus Composites, Sunflower Shrub      Yes    
white sage brush, wormwood, white sagebrushArtemisia ludoviciana Composites, Sunflower Shrub      Yes   No
white sagebrush, white sage brushArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. ludovicianaComposites, Sunflower        Yes   No
scabland sagebrush Artemisia rigidaComposites, Sunflower        Yes    
big sage, sagebrush, big sagebrushArtemisia tridentataComposites, SunflowerYellowShrub    McCall Yes Malheur, Owyhee, Snake, Weiser No
threetip sagebrushArtemisia tripartitaComposites, Sunflower Shrub      Yes   No
showy aster, alpine aster, mountain asterAster alpigenus var. haydeniiComposites, SunflowerPurpleHerb    McCall Yes   No
hairy balsamrootBalsamorhiza hirsutaComposites, SunflowerYellowHerbPerennial     Yes   No
hooker's balsamrootBalsamorhiza hookeriComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
arrowleaf balsamrootBalsamorhiza sagittata Composites, SunflowerYellowHerb    McCall, McCall and many locations Yes   No
leafy beggarticks, devil's beggarticks, leafy sticktightBidens frondosaComposites, Sunflower        No   Yes
rough eyelashweedBlepharipappus scaberComposites, Sunflower        Yes    
littleleaf brickelbush, small-leaved brickelliaBrickellia microphyllaComposites, SunflowerGreen-whiteShrub      Yes   No
brickellbushBrickellia sp. Composites, Sunflower        Yes   No
musk thistleCarduus nutansComposites, SunflowerPurpleForb  Yes       Yes
diffuse knapweedCentaurea diffusaComposites, SunflowerLight PinkForb      No   Yes
spotted knapweedCentaurea maculosaComposites, Sunflower Forb      No   Yes
yellow starthistleCentaurea solstitialisComposites, SunflowerYellowForb      No   Yes
Chaenactis, Douglas false yarrow, Douglas' dustymaidenChaenactis douglasiiComposites, SunflowerWhite to pinkHerb           
rush skeletonweedChondrilla juncea Composites, SunflowerYellowForb  Yes   No   Yes
green rabbitbrush, yellow rabbitbrushChrysothamnus viscidiflorusComposites, SunflowerYellowishShrubYellow rabbitbrush is common in the intermountain west. It is an early succession plant following fire.     Yes   Yes
chicoryCichorium intybusComposites, SunflowerBlueHerb    McCall No   Yes
Canada thistleCirsium arvenseComposites, SunflowerPurpleHerbPerennial, deep-seated creeping underground roots. Leaves: Spiny, pinnatifid   McCall No   Noxious
Utah thistleCirsium utahenseComposites, SunflowerWhiteHerb      Yes   No
bull thistleCirsium vulgareComposites, SunflowerPurpleHerbBiennial.   McCall No   Noxious
horseweedConyza canadensisComposites, Sunflower Forb      North America grasslands    
Atkinson's coreopsisCoreopsis tinctoria Nutt. var. atkinsonianaComposites, Sunflower ForbAtkinson's coreopsis grows east of New Plymouth, ID, on low lying wet soils near the Payette River. It is a native plant in the western United states and British Columbia.     Yes    
longleaf hawksbeard, tapertip hawksbeard, long-leafed hawksbeardCrepis acuminataComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
limestone hawksbeardCrepis intermediaComposites, Sunflower        Yes   No
modoc hawksbeard, low hawksbeardCrepis modocensisComposites, SunflowerYellowForb      Yes   No
rubber rabbitbrush, gray rabbitbrush, gray rabbit brush, rubber rabbit brushEricameria nauseosa Composites, SunflowerYellowShrubGray rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa) grows throughout Malheur County and surrounding areas of the intermountain west. It is an early succession plant following fire. Gray rabbitbrush is also known as rubber rabbitbrush and is a member of the Composite or Aster family.   McCall Yes   No
basin rayless daisy, rayless fleabane, rayless shaggy fleabaneErigeron concinnus var. aphanactisComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
wooly daisyErigeron divergensComposites, SunflowerPale lavenderHerb      Yes   No
threenerve fleabaneErigeron subtrinervisComposites, Sunflower        Yes   No
Oregon sunshine, wooly sunflowerEriophyllum lanatumComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
blanket flowerGaillardia pinnatifidaComposites, SunflowerYellow, redHerb      Yes   No
curlycup gumweedGrindelia squarrosaComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   Can be
broom snakeweedGutierrezia sarothraeComposites, SunflowerYellowShrub - grassPoisonous     Yes   No
oneflower helianthella, rocky mountain helianthella, rocky mountain little sunflowerHelianthella unifloraComposites, SunflowerBrilliant YellowForb      Yes   No
sunflowerHelianthus annuusComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   Can be
Cusick's SunflowerHelianthus cusickiiComposites, Sunflower        Yes   No
poverty sumpweedIva axillarisComposites, Sunflower Forb      Yes   Can be
marshelderIva xanthifoliaComposites, Sunflower Forb      No   Yes
prickly lettuce, compass plantLactuca serriola Composites, SunflowerYellowHerb  Yes   No   Yes
rush skeletonplantLygodesmia junceaComposites, SunflowerLight purpleForb      Yes   Yes
tall purple aster, hoary aster, hoary tansyasterMachaeranthera canescensComposites, SunflowerPurpleHerb      Yes   No
mountain tarweedMadia glomerataComposites, SunflowerYellowForb      North America    
pineappleweedMatricaria matricarioidesComposites, Sunflower Forb      North America   Yes
nodding microserisMicroseris nutansComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
Scotch thistleOnopordum acanthium Composites, SunflowerPurpleForb      No   Noxious
western coneflowerRudbeckia occidentalisComposites, SunflowerBrownHerbBrown cone, not showy.   McCall Yes   No
western groundselSenecio integerrimusComposites, Sunflower        Yes    
butterweed groundselSenecio serraComposites, Sunflower Herb           
tall ragwortSenecio serraComposites, Sunflower        Yes    
common groundsel, old-man-in-the-SpringSenecio vulgarisComposites, SunflowerWhite, yellowForb      No   Yes
Canada goldenrodSolidago canadensisComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb    McCall Yes   Can be
annual sowthistleSonchus oleraceusComposites, SunflowerYellowForb      No   Yes
common tansyTanacetum vulgareComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb    McCall and many locations No   Noxious
dandelionTaraxacum officinaleComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb    McCall No   Yes
spineless horsebrushTetradymia canescensComposites, Sunflower            Yes
showy townsend daisyTownsendia floriferComposites, SunflowerWhiteForbAnnual plant..     Yes    
yellow salsify, yellow goats beard, western salsifyTragopogon dubiusComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb    McCall      
mule's ear, mule-earsWyethia amplexicaulisComposites, SunflowerYellowHerb      Yes   No
white-rayed wyethia, sunflower mule-earsWyethia helianthoidesComposites, SunflowerWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
common cockleburrXanthium strumariumComposites, SunflowerGreenForb  North America   No   Yes
spiny greasebushGlossopetalon spinescens CrossosomaWhiteShrub      Yes   No
wild cucumberEchinocystis lobataCucurbitCream whiteVine      Yes   Can be
western juniperJuniperus occidentalisCypress Tree    McCall Yes   Can be
Utah juniperJuniperus osteosperma CypressYellowishTree      Yes   No
spreading dogbane, dogbaneApocynum androsaemifoliumDogbanePinkHerbPoisonous juice.     Yes   Noxious
hemp dogbaneApocynum cannabinum L.DogbaneWhite           Noxious
red-osier dogwoodCornus stoloniferaDogwoodWhiteShrubRed branched shrub.   McCall Yes   No
netleaf hackberryCeltis reticulataElmGreenTree           
Booths evening-primroseCamissonia boothii Evening Primrose Forb      Yes   No
club fruitCamissonia claviformisEvening PrimroseYellowHerb      Yes   No
fireweedChamerion angustifoliumEvening PrimrosePurpleHerb    McCall Yes   No
Clarkia, elkhorn clarkia, pink fairies, pinkfairies, deer hornClarkia pulchellaEvening PrimrosePink, purpleHerb      Yes   No
panicle willowweedEpilobium brachycarpumEvening PrimrosePurple, whiteForb          Yes
Watson's willow -herbEpilobium watsoniiEvening PrimrosePurpleHerb           
small-flowered gauraGaura mollisEvening PrimrosePink, GreenForb      Yes   Yes
desert evening primroseOenothera caespitosaEvening PrimroseWhiteForb      Yes   No
pale evening primroseOenothera pallida Lindl. Evening PrimrosePale pinkForb      Yes   No
tansey-leaf evening primroseOenothera tanacetifoliaEvening PrimroseYellowHerb      Yes   No
Cusick's Indian paintbrushCastilleja cusickiiFigwort or SnapdragonYellowForb      Yes   No
Indian paintbrushCastilleja miniataFigwort or SnapdragonOrange, fadedHerbRare in camp.   McCall Yes   No
Tweedy's snowloverChionophila tweedyiFigwort or SnapdragonPale lavenderForbTweedy's snowlover is a very common understory plant at elevations of 7,500 to 9,000 feet in the Central Mountains of Idaho.     Yes   No
blue-eyed MaryCollinsia parvifloraFigwort or SnapdragonBlue and whiteHerbVery small plant, flowers.   McCall Yes   No
dalmatian toadflaxLinaria dalmaticaFigwort or Snapdragon Forb          Noxious
butter and eggs, bread and butter Linaria vulgarisFigwort or SnapdragonYellowHerb    McCall No   Noxious, Yes
Cusick's monkeyflowerMimulus cusickiiFigwort or SnapdragonMagentaHerb      Yes   No
Lewis' monkeyflowerMimulus lewisiiFigwort or SnapdragonMagentaHerb    McCall Yes   No
dwarf purple monkeyflowerMimulus nanusFigwort or SnapdragonPink, purpleHerb      Yes   No
little yellow monkeyflowerMimulus primuloidesFigwort or SnapdragonYellowHerb      Yes   No
elephantheadPedicularis groenlandicaFigwort or SnapdragonPink, purpleHerb      Yes   No
parrot's beak, sickletopPedicularis racemosaFigwort or SnapdragonCream, othersHerbLeaves: Leaves toothed   McCall      
sanddune penstemon, sharp-leafed penstemon, sand penstemon, sandhill penstemonPenstemon acuminatusFigwort or SnapdragonPurple, blueHerb      Yes   No
Cusick's penstemon, Cusick's beartonguePenstemon cusickiiFigwort or Snapdragon Herb      Yes   No
blue penstemonPenstemon cyaneusFigwort or Snapdragon             
hot-rock penstemonPenstemon deustusFigwort or SnapdragonWhiteHerb      Yes   No
firecracker penstemon Penstemon eatonii Figwort or SnapdragonRedForb      Yes   No
Gairdneri's beardtonguePenstemon gairdneriFigwort or SnapdragonLight purpleHerb      Yes   No
glandular penstemon, stickystem penstemonPenstemon glandulosusFigwort or SnapdragonBlue, lavenderHerb      Yes, Yes    
globe penstemonPenstemon globosusFigwort or SnapdragonPurpleForbGlobe Penstemon          
thickleaf beardtonguePenstemon pachyphyllusFigwort or Snapdragon             
Palmer's penstemonPenstemon palmeriFigwort or SnapdragonWhite-pale pinkHerb      No   No
short-lobed penstemon, shortlobe penstemonPenstemon seorsusFigwort or SnapdragonPurple, blueHerb      Yes   No
showy penstemon, royal penstemon, sagebrush penstemonPenstemon speciosusFigwort or SnapdragonPurple, blueShrub      Yes   No
penstemon, beardtonguePenstemon spp.Figwort or SnapdragonPurpleHerb    McCall Yes   No
Wilcoxs penstemonPenstemon wilcoxiiFigwort or SnapdragonPurple, blueHerbCommon summer flower at McCall, ID.   McCall Yes   No
moth mulleinVerbascum blattariaFigwort or SnapdragonWhite/PurpleHerb  Yes   No   Yes
common mulleinVerbascum thapsusFigwort or SnapdragonYellowHerb    McCall No   Can be
American speedwellVeronica americanaFigwort or SnapdragonPurple, blueHerb    McCall      
Lewis flaxLinum lewisiiFlaxBlueForb      Yes    
wild flax, blue flaxLinum perenneFlaxBlueForb  Yes        
white fraseraFrasera montanaGentianWhite, creamHerbSmall perrenial.   McCall Yes   No
explorer's bog gentian, northern gentianGentiana acutaGentianPurple, blueHerb      Yes   No
storksbill, filareeErodium cicutariumGeraniumPink, purpleHerbLeaves: Pinnate-pinnatifid. Native of Europe or Asia.   McCall No   No
sticky geranium, sticky purple geraniumGeranium viscosissimumGeraniumPink, purpleHerbLeaves: Palmately divided   McCall Yes   No
golden currantRibes aureumGooseberryYellowishShrubGolden currant     Yes   No
wax currantRibes cereumGooseberryWhiteShrub      Yes   No
gooseberryRibes sp.GooseberryGreen, RedShrub    McCall Yes   No
currantRibes spathianumGooseberryBlackShrub           
sticky currantRibes viscosissimumGooseberryWhiteShrub    McCall Yes   No
fourwing saltbushAtriplex canescens GoosefootYellowShrub      Yes   No
shadscale saltbushAtriplex confertifolia Goosefoot Shrub      Yes   No
forage kochiaBassia prostrataGoosefootGreen, Red   Yes   No   No
hopsage, spiny hopsageGrayia spinosaGoosefootPink, Yellow, Creamy WhiteShrubFormerly Atriplex spinosa.     Yes   No
halogetonHalogeton glomeratusGoosefootGreen-whiteForb  Yes   No   Yes
kochiaKochia scopariaGoosefoot Forb      No   Noxious
white sage, winterfatKrascheninnikovia lanata GoosefootWhiteShrub      Yes   No
Russian thistle, tumbleweedSalsola kaliGoosefootPink, purpleForbA Eurasian annual weed of dry, often alkaline areas.     No   Yes
greasewoodSarcobatus vermiculatusGoosefootPale yellowShrubThis plant is moderately poisonous to sheep and cattle if consumed in large amounts. Its toxicity increases as the plant matures.     Yes   No
Indian ricegrassAchnatherum hymenoides Grass Grassperennial     Yes   No
jointed goatgrassAegilops cylindrica GrassGreen-yellowGrass      No   Noxious
creeping bentgrassAgrostis stoloniferaGrass GrassAn introduced weed, sometimes used for lawns. Yes       Yes
meadow foxtailAlopecurus pratensisGrass            Yes
purple threeawn grassAristida purpureaGrassPurple, GreenGrass      Yes   No
cheat grass, downy bromeBromus tectorumGrassGreenGrass  Yes   No   Yes
hairy crabgrassDigitaria sanguinalisGrass Grass  Yes   No   Yes
alkali saltgrassDistichlis stricta Grass Grass     Yes   Can be
barnyard grassEchinochloa muricata GrassGreenGrass  Yes   No   Yes
basin wildrye, giant wildrye, great basin wildryeElymus cinereusGrassGreen, mixedGrass      Yes   No
squirreltailElymus elymoidesGrass Grass      Yes   No
Eremopyrum triticeumGrass GrassAnnual wheatgrass         Can be
mouse barley, hare barley, wild barleyHordeum leporinumGrass Grass  Yes   No   Yes
annual bluegrassPoa annuaGrassGreenGrass      No   Yes
bulbous bluegrassPoa bulbosaGrassGreenGrass      No   Can be
rabbitsfootPolypogon monspeliensisGrassYellowishGrass      No Malheur Yes
common ryeSecale cerealeGrass Grass  Yes   No   Yes
green foxtailSetaria viridisGrassGreen, mixedGrass  Yes   No   Yes
medusahead ryeTaeniatherum caput-medusae GrassGreen-yellowGrass  Yes   No   Noxious
showy downingiaDowningia elegansHarebellPurpleHerb      Yes   No
white mountain heatherCassiope mertensianaHeathWhiteShrubsmall, white, bell-like flowers     Yes   No
Prince's-PineChimaphila umbellataHeathPink, roseShrubVery short shrubby perenial.   McCall Yes   No
alpine laurel, swamp laurelKalmia microphyllaHeathPink, purpleShrub      Yes   No
labrador teaLedum groenlandicumHeathWhiteShrub    McCall and many locations Yes   No
pink heatherPhyllodoce breweriHeathPinkShrub      Yes   No
red heatherPhyllodoce empetriformisHeathPink, purpleShrub      Yes   No
green pyrolaPyrola chloranthaHeathGreen-whiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
sidebells pyrolaPyrola secundaHeathWhiteHerb9-12" tall.   McCall Yes   No
lesser pyrolaPyrola spHeathPink, roseHerb    McCall Yes   No
grouse whortleberry, red huckleberryVaccinium scopariumHeathRedShrubLeaves: Very small shrub   McCall Yes   No
huckleberryVaccinium spHeathBlueShrub    McCall Yes, Yes   No
twinflowerLinnaea borealisHoneysucklePinkShrubA very small shrub like vine that grows as an understory in pine forests, 4 in tall, hugs soil or rock surface.   McCall Yes   No
black twinberryLonicera involucrataHoneysucklePale yellowShrub    McCall Yes   No
red twinberry, Utah honeysuckleLonicera utahensisHoneysucklePale Yellow or RedShrub    McCall Yes   No
blue elderberrySambucus nigra ssp. cerulea HoneysuckleCream whiteShrub    McCall Yes   No
red elderberrySambucus racemosaHoneysuckleCream whiteShrubPith in center of stem. Leaves: Pinnately divided   McCall Yes   No
snowberrySymphoricarpos oreophilusHoneysuckleWhite to pinkShrubConspicuous white fruit.   McCall Yes   No
horsetailEquisetum arvenseHorsetail-none-Forb    McCall Yes   No
scouringrushEquisetum hyemaleHorsetailBrownForb      Yes   Yes
smooth scouring-rushEquisetum laevigatumHorsetail            Yes
syringaPhiladelphus lewisiiHydrangeaCream whiteShrub      Yes   No
yellow flagIris pseudacorusIrisYellowForbIntroduced plant, conspicuous along edges of ponds, irrigation canals.     No   Can be
irisIris sp.IrisPurple, Cream, Yellow perennial     Yes   No
indigo bush, false indigoAmorpha fruticosaLegume or PeaPurpleShrub - Tree      Yes   Yes
curvepod milkvetch, sickle milkvetchAstragalus curvicarpusLegume or PeaYellowHerb      Yes   No
threadstalk milkvetch, basalt milkvetchAstragalus filipesLegume or PeaYellowForb      Yes   No
Mulford's milkvetchAstragalus mulfordiaeLegume or PeaPurple, whiteHerb      Yes   No
Blue Mountain prairie clover, western prairie cloverDalea ornataLegume or PeaPink, purpleHerb      Yes   No
Searl's prairie cloverDalea searlsiaeLegume or PeaPurpleForb      Yes   No
wild licoriceGlycyrrhiza lepidota Legume or Pea Forb      Yes   Yes
peavineLathyrus nevadensisLegume or PeaLavender, light blueHerb      Yes   No
few-flowered peavineLathyrus pauciflorusLegume or PeaPurpleVine      Yes   No
bushy peavineLathyrus rigidusLegume or PeaWhiteVine      Yes   No
bird's-foot trefoilLotus corniculatusLegume or PeaYellowHerb      No   Can be
spur lupineLupinus arbustusLegume or PeaYellow, white, purpleShrub      Yes   No
kellogg spurred lupineLupinus caudatusLegume or PeaWhite-pale pinkHerb      Yes   No
bluebonnet, lupineLupinus sp.Legume or PeaBlueHerbLeaves: Palmate compound   McCall Yes   No
black medicMedicago lupulinaLegume or Pea        No   Yes
alfalfaMedicago sativaLegume or Pea        No    
white sweetcloverMelilotus albaLegume or PeaWhiteForb  Yes   No   Yes
yellow sweetcloverMelilotus officinalis Legume or PeaYellowHerb  Yes   No   Yes
golden peaThermopsis montanaLegume or PeaYellowHerbNot palatable to livestock   McCall Yes   No
strawberry cloverTrifolium fragiferum Legume or PeaLight PinkForb  Yes   No   No
big-head clover, largehead cloverTrifolium macrocephalumLegume or PeaPink and YellowishForb      Yes   No
Trifolium owyheenseLegume or PeaPurpleForbOwyhee clover     Yes    
red cloverTrifolium pratenseLegume or PeaPinkHerb    McCall No   No
ladino clover, white clover, Dutch cloverTrifolium repensLegume or Pea        No   Can be
tapertip onionAllium acuminatumLilyPurple       Yes   No
Douglas wild onionAllium douglasiiLilyPink       Yes   No
swamp onionAllium madidumLily        Yes   No
small onion, dwarf onionAllium parvumLily        Yes   No
Douglas' brodiaea, brodiaeaBrodiaea douglasiiLilyPurple, blue     McCall and many locations Yes   No
wide-fruit mariposa lilyCalochortus eurycarpusLilyWhite-pale pink       Yes   No
sego lilyCalochortus nuttalliiLilyWhiteForb      Yes   No
black camas, camas, small camasCamassia quamashLilyBlue The close up pictures of camas show 6 pale to deep blue petals in the form of a star.   McCall Yes   No
Clintonia, Queen's CupClintonia unifloraLilyWaxy whiteForbShort perennial, usually has single flowers.   McCall Yes   No
glacier lilyErythronium grandiflorumLilyYellowForb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
yellowbellFritillaria pudicaLilyYellowForb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
mountain lily , sand lily, star lilyLeucocrinum montanumLilyWhiteForb      Yes   No
false Solomon's SealSmilacina racemosaLilyWhite     McCall Yes   No
starry false lily of the valley, false Solomons sealSmilacina stellataLilyWhiteForbAlternate zig-zag pattern of leaves and flowers.   McCall Yes   No
twisted stalkStreptopus amplexifoliusLilyPurple, white     McCall Yes   No
trilliumTrillium ovatumLilyWhite to pinkForb    McCall Yes   No
skunk cabbage, corn lily, California false helleboreVeratrum californicumLilyWhiteForb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
green false helleboreVeratrum virideLilyGreen, mixedForbFalse hellebore is a common plant of mid and high elevation marshes, growing exclusively on soils that have a continual source of free water.   McCall Yes   No
beargrass, squaw grassXerophyllum tenaxLilyWhiteForb      Yes   No
mountain death camas, mountain deathcamasZigadenus elegansLilyWhiteForb      Yes   No
foothill deathcamasZigadenus paniculatusLily        Yes    
meadow death camas, meadow deathcamasZigadenus venenosusLilyWhiteForb      Yes   No
purple loosestrifeLythrum salicariaLoosestrifePurpleHerb      No   Noxious
cleaversGalium aparineMadder Herb    McCall     Yes
sweet woodruf, bedstrawGalium borealeMadderWhiteHerb    McCall and many locations     Yes
fragrant bedstraw, sweetscented bedstrawGalium triflorumMadder            Yes
velvetleafAbutilon theophrasti MallowYellowShrubA large, aggressive annual weed. Yes   No   Noxious
common mallow, cheeseweedMalva neglectaMallowPurple, whiteHerb      No   Yes
alkali mallowMalvella leprosaMallow            Yes
Oregon checkerbloom, Oregon checker-mallowSidalcea oreganaMallow        Yes   No
red globe mallowSphaeralcea coccineaMallowRed, OrangeForb      Yes   No
gooseberry leaf globe mallow, gooseberryleaf globemallowSphaeralcea grossulariifolia MallowOrange, YellowForb      Yes   No
orange globe mallow, Munro's globemallowSphaeralcea munroanaMallowOrange, YellowHerb      Yes   No
small flower globe mallowSphaeralcea parvifoliaMallowOrange, YellowForb      Yes   No
rocky mountain mapleAcer glabrumMapleGreen-yellowTree    McCall Yes   No
box elderAcer negundoMapleBright greenTreeMedium sized tree         No
showy milkweedAsclepias speciosaMilkweedPink, purpleHerb      Yes   Can be
nettleleaf giant hyssop, nettle leaf giant hyssopAgastache urticifoliaMint        Yes    
henbit , henbit deadnettleLamium amplexicauleMintPurpleForb  Yes       Yes
horehound, white horehoundMarrubium vulgareMintWhite-pale pinkHerbHorehound   McCall and many locations No   Yes
monardellaMonardella odoratissimaMintLight purpleShrub      Yes   No
purple sageSalvia dorrii var. carnosaMintPurpleShrub      Yes   No
narrowleaf skullcapScutellaria angustifolia Pursh ssp. angustifolia Mint HerbA larger flowered narrowleaf skullcap. These plants colonize unstable or shallow soils where few plants prosper.     Yes    
narrowleaf skullcapScutellaria angustifolia Pursh ssp. micranthaMint HerbA smaller flowered narrowleaf skullcap. These plants cover soil in unstable, shallow soils where few plant species prosper.     Yes    
field bindweedConvolvulus arvensisMorninggloryWhite/PurpleHerb  Europe   No   Yes
dodderCuscuta sp.MorninggloryWhite, creamVine          Yes
yellow alyssumAlyssum alyssoidesMustard        Yes   No
Holboell's rockcressArabis holboelliiMustard        Yes    
wintercress, american yellowrocketBarbarea orthocerasMustard             
black mustardBrassica nigraMustardYellowForb  Yes   No   Yes
shepherd's purseCapsella bursa-pastorisMustardWhiteHerbFlat, triangular pods are all along a fine stalk. Leaves are pinnatifid. The plant forms a rosette.   McCall No   Yes
hoary cress, whitetopCardaria spp.MustardWhiteHerb      No   Noxious
purple mustard, blue mustard, tenella mustardChorispora tenellaMustardBlue - purpleForb  Yes   No   Noxious
flixweedDescurainia sophiaMustardYellowForb      No   Noxious
tansy mustardDescurainia sp.MustardYellowHerb    McCall      
spring draba, spring whitlow-grassDraba vernaMustardWhite, yellow       No   No
perennial pepperweedLepidium latifolium LMustardWhite, creamForb  Yes   No   Noxious
clasping pepperweedLepidium perfoliatumMustardGreen-yellowForb      No   Yes
bladder podLesquerella douglasiiMustardYellowHerb      Yes   No
marsh yellowcress Rorippa islandicaMustard        Yes   No
tumble mustard, tall tumblemustardSisymbrium altissimumMustardYellowishForb  Yes   No   Yes
Prince's plumeStanleya pinnataMustardYellowShrub      Yes   No
thick-leaf thelypody, cut-leaf thelypodyThelypodium laciniatum MustardWhite/PurpleForb      Yes   No
pennycress, field pennycressThlaspi arvenseMustardWhiteHerb          No
pellitoryParietaria pensylvanicaNettle Forb      Yes   Yes
stinging nettleUrtica dioicaNettleGreenForb    McCall and many locations Yes   Can be
Russian OliveElaeagnus angustifoliaOleaster Tree      No   Yes
fairy slipper, calypso orchidCalypso bulbosa OrchidPink, purpleForb    McCall Yes   No
spotted coral-rootCorallorhiza maculataOrchidBrown, red, white Saprophyte, forest floor. Leaves: No green leaves   McCall Yes   No
early coral-rootCorallorhiza trifidaOrchidYellowish Saprophyte, forest floor. Leaves: No green leaves   McCall Yes   No
mountain lady's slipperCypripedium montanumOrchidBrown and WhiteForb      Yes   No
rattlesnake plantainGoodyera oblongifoliaOrchid-dull-ForbForest floor. Leaves: White stripe on midrib   McCall Yes   No
bog orchidHabenaria dilatataOrchidWhiteForbThin spikelike raceme of flowers.   McCall Yes   No
water hemlockCicuta douglasiiParsleyWhiteHerbPoisionous plant, wet soil. Leaves: 1-3 times pinnate   McCall     Noxious
poison hemlockConium maculatumParsleyWhiteHerb      No   Noxious
Hayden's cymopterusCymopterus bipinnatusParsley        Yes   No
Queen Anne's lace, wild carrotDaucus carotaParsleyWhiteHerb          Yes
cow parsnipHeracleum lanatumParsleyWhiteHerbPhotosensitive skin reaction, wet soil. Is poisonous to humans.   McCall Yes   No
desert swale parsleyLomatium ambiguumParsleyYellowHerb      Yes   No
Wasatch desertparsleyLomatium bicolorParsley             
Canby's lomatiumLomatium canbyiParsleyWhite-pale pinkHerb      Yes   No
fern-leafed desert parsley, fernleaf biscuitroot, desert parsley, fern-leafed lomatiumLomatium dissectumParsley Forb      Yes   No
Gray's desert parsley, Gray's lomatiumLomatium grayiParsleyYellowForb      Yes   No
barestem lomatium, bare-stem desert parsleyLomatium nudicauleParsleyYellowishHerb      Yes   No
nine-leaved desert parsleyLomatium triternatumParsleyYellowHerb      Yes   No
sweet cicelyOsmorhiza chilensisParsleyWhiteHerb      Yes   No
yampahPerideridia gairdneriParsleyWhiteHerb      Yes   No
grand collomiaCollomia grandifloraPhloxWhite, OrangeForb      Yes   No
tiny trumpet, narrow-leaf collomiaCollomia linearisPhloxLight purpleForb      Yes   No
tiny trumpet, narrow-leaf collomiaCollomia linearis Phlox        Yes    
scarlet giliaGilia aggregataPhloxRedHerb    McCall Yes   No
slender phloxMicrosteris gracilisPhloxLight PinkForbA very tiny early spring flower.     Yes    
Snake River phloxPhlox colubrinaPhloxWhite to pinkShrub      Yes   No
Hood's phloxPhlox hoodiiPhloxWhite to pinkHerb      Yes   No
long-leafed phloxPhlox longifoliaPhloxWhite to pinkHerb      Yes   No
Jacob's LadderPolemonium pulcherrimumPhloxBlueHerbLeaves: Alt. pinnately compound   McCall and many locations Yes   No
grand firAbies grandisPine TreeIntergrades with white fir. Leaves: Needles, singular   McCall Yes   No
subalpine firAbies lasiocarpaPine TreeFound in the central mountains of Idaho above McCall and elsewhere.   McCall and many locations Yes   No
western larchLarix occidentalisPine Tree    McCall Yes   No
Englemann sprucePicea engelmanniiPine TreeSpire shaped tree, 4 angled needles. Leaves: Sharp needles   McCall Yes   No
lodgepole pinePinus contortaPine TreeMedium length needles, thin bark, small cones. Leaves: needles in 2's   McCall Yes   No
limber pinePinus flexilisPine Tree      Yes   No
sugar pinePinus lambertianaPine Tree      Yes    
ponderosa pinePinus ponderosaPine TreeLong needled, thick puzzle bark. Leaves: Needles in 3's   McCall Yes   No
Douglas firPseudotsuga menziesiiPine TreeNeedles around stem, tounges on cones. Leaves: Needles singular   McCall Yes   No
western hemlockTsuga heterophyllaPine Tree      Yes   No
ballhead sandwortArenaria congestaPink             
jagged chickweedHolosteum umbellatumPinkWhiteHerb      No   Yes
bigleaf sandwort, franklin's sandwortMoehringia macrophyllaPinkWhiteHerbpreviously known as Arenaria macrophylla     Yes   No
bouncingbet, soapwortSaponaria officinalisPinkWhite-pale pinkHerbEuropean origin, escaped as a weed, toxic to livestock but seldom consumed.     No   Yes
foxtail barleyHordeum jubatumPoaceae        Yes    
bracken fernPteridium aquilinumPolypod-none-HerbBracken fern is a common forest understory fern.   McCall Yes   No
sacred datura, angel's trumpetDatura innoxiaPotatoWhiteForb      Yes   Yes
JimsonweedDatura stramoniumPotatoWhite/PurpleShrub  Yes   No   Yes
coyote tobacco Nicotiana attenuataPotatoWhiteForb      Yes    
hoe nightshade, hairy nightshadeSolanum sarrachoidesPotato            Yes
hairy night shadeSolanum sarrachoidesPotatoWhiteForbThere berries are Green, brown, and yellow when matured. Yes   No   Yes
Jeffrey's shooting starDodecatheon jeffreyiPrimrosePink, purpleHerb    McCall and many locations Yes   No
shootingstarDodecatheon pulchellumPrimrosePurpleHerb      Yes   No
common evening primroseOenothera biennisPrimroseYellowForb      North America    
spring beautyClaytonia lanceolataPurslaneWhite to pinkHerb      Yes   No
bitterroot, bitter rootLewisia redivivaPurslaneWhite/PurpleHerb      Yes   No
water montia, water miner's lettuceMontia chamissoiPurslaneWhite/PurpleHerb      Yes   No
narrowleaf minerslettuce, indian lettuceMontia linearisPurslaneWhiteHerb      Yes   No
miner's lettuceMontia perfoliataPurslaneWhiteHerb  North America       No
common purslanePortulaca oleraceaPurslaneYellowHerbCommon purslane     No   Yes
serviceberry, saskatoonAmelanchier alnifoliaRoseWhiteShrub5 petals.   McCall Yes   No
curlleaf mountain-mahoganyCercocarpus ledifoliusRoseGreen-whiteEvergreen shrub      Yes   No
black hawthornCrataegus douglasiiRoseWhiteShrub - Tree      Yes   No
wild strawberry, woodland strawberryFragaria vescaRoseWhite     McCall and many locations Yes   No
Virginia strawberry, wild strawberryFragaria virginianaRoseWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
ocean sprayHolodiscus discolorRoseCream whiteShrub      Yes   No
grimy mousetailIvesia rhypara Rose Forb      Yes    
ninebarkOpulaster malvaceusRoseWhiteShrub    McCall Yes   No
wild crabapple, squaw apple, wild crab applePeraphyllum ramosissimumRose        No, Yes   Can be
diverse-leafed cinquefoilPotentilla diversifoliaRoseYellowForb      Yes   No
cinquefoilPotentilla spp.RoseYellowHerb    McCall Yes   No
bittercherryPrunus emarginataRoseWhiteShrub - Tree    McCall Yes   No
wild plumPrunus sp.Rose Tree          Yes
common chokecherryPrunus virginianaRoseWhiteTree    McCall Yes   No
bitterbrush, antelope bitterbrushPurshia tridentataRoseYellowShrubNearby Camp Morrison.     Yes   No
Nootka roseRosa nutkana C. Presl var. nutkanaRosePinkShrubNootka Rose     Yes    
Woods' roseRosa woodsiiRosePinkShrub      Yes   No
red raspberryRubus idaeusRoseWhiteShrub    McCall Yes   No
thimbleberryRubus parviflorusRoseWhiteShrubRed edible berries, very large leaves.   McCall Yes   No
rowan, mountain ash, mountain-ashSorbus spRoseCream whiteShrub - Tree    McCall Yes   No
shiny-leaf spireaSpiraea betulifoliaRoseWhiteShrub    McCall Yes   No
sub-alpine spireaSpiraea densifloraRosePinkShrub      Yes   No
Douglas spireaSpiraea douglasiiRosePink, roseShrub    McCall Yes   No
pyramid spireaSpiraea pyramidataRosePinkShrub    McCall Yes   No
slender fringe cupLithophragma bulbiferumSaxifrage        Yes    
woodland star, prairie starLithophragma heterophyllumSaxifrageWhiteHerb      Yes   No
prairie starflowerLithophragma parviflorumSaxifrage        Yes   No
yellow nutsedgeCyperus esculentusSedgeYellowishSedge      No   Noxious
bull rushScirpus spp.SedgeBrownSedge      Yes   No
cutleaf nighshadeSolanum triflorumSolanaceae        Yes    
prostrate spurge, milk spurgeChamaesyce maculataSpurge Forb      Yes   Yes
turkey mullein, doveweedEremocarpus setigerusSpurgeLight GreenForb      Yes    
leafy spurgeEuphorbia esulaSpurgeYellowForb  Yes       Yes
thyme-leaved spurgeEuphorbia glyptospermaSpurge            Yes
petty spurgeEuphorbia peplusSpurge Forb  Yes       Yes
St. John's WortHypericum formosum var. ScouleriSt. John's WortYellowHerb          Yes
stonecropSedum sp.StonecropYellowHerb      Yes   No
smooth sumacRhus glabraSumacRedShrub - Tree      Yes    
skunkbrush sumacRhus trilobataSumac Shrub      Yes    
poison ivyToxicodendron rydbergiiSumac Shrub      Yes   Can be
salt cedar, tamariskTamarix parvifloraTamariskWhite-pale pink/ PurpleTree      No   Yes
common teaselDipsacus fullonumTeaselBrown - purpleShrub  Europe       Yes
valerianValeriana sp.ValerianWhiteHerb    McCall Yes   No
prostrate vervain, bigbract verbenaVerbena bracteataVerbenaLight purpleForb      Yes    
early blue violetViola adnuca var. unknownVioletBlueHerb    McCall Yes   No
hook violetViola aduncaViolet        Yes    
pale mountain violetViola adunca var. glabraVioletBlueHerb    McCall Yes   No
Beckwith's violetViola beckwithiiVioletPurple, whiteHerb      Yes    
yellow violetViola nuttalliiViolet        Yes    
yellow prairie violet, yellow mountain violetViola venosaVioletYellowHerb      Yes   No
yellow water lily, indian pond lilyNuphar polysepalaWater LilyYellowHerb      Yes   No
false strawberryHesperochiron pumilusWaterleaf        Yes   No
dwarf waterleafHydrophyllum capitatumWaterleafPink, purpleHerb      Yes   No
ground namaNama aretioidesWaterleafLight purpleForb      Yes   No
Kirtley's baby blue eyesNemophila kirtleyiWaterleaf        Yes    
silverleaf phaceliaPhacelia hastataWaterleafGreen, RedForb    McCall and many locations Yes   Can be
linear-leafed phacelia, threadleaf phaceliaPhacelia linearisWaterleafPurpleHerb      Yes   No
eastern cottonwood, necklace poplar, great plains cottonwoodPopulus deltoidesWillow Tree      Yes   No
quaking aspenPopulus tremuloidesWillow Tree    McCall and many locations Yes   No
black cottonwoodPopulus trichocarpaWillow-none-Tree    McCall Yes   No
peach-leaf willowSalix amygdaloidesWillowYellowShrub - Tree           
coyote willowSalix exiguaWillow-none-Shrub      Yes   No
black willowSalix nigraWillow Tree      Yes   No
MacKenzie's willowSalix rigidaWillowBrown and WhiteShrub - Tree      Yes   No
willowSalix sp.Willow Shrub    McCall and many locations Yes   No