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Galium boreale

sweet woodruf, bedstraw (Galium boreale)
Galium boreale
Common Names sweet woodruf, bedstraw
Family Madder
Flower Color White
Plant Type Herb
Location McCall and many locations
Weed Yes

sweet woodruf, bedstraw (Galium boreale)

Bedstraw, sweet woodruf had many uses in the older days. These are a few:

Medicinal uses: It was once used to slow bleeding, ease childbirth, increase the appetite, reduce fever, and remove freckles.

Food uses: When the seeds are roasted, they can be used like coffee. The leaves can curdle milk to make cheese.

Other uses: It has a very pleasant scent when it is crushed

It also used to be thought that if newlyweds stuffed their mattresses with bedstraw, they would have many children. Another legend claims that there was bedstraw in Christ's manger.