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Aster alpigenus var. haydenii

showy aster, alpine aster, mountain aster (Aster alpigenus var. haydenii)Aster alpigenus var. haydenii
Common Names showy aster, alpine aster, mountain aster
Family Composites, Sunflower
Flower Color Purple
Plant Type Herb
Location McCall
Native Yes
Weed No

The Alpine Aster is a beatufil flower out in the wild or in your garden. It is good for rocky places or for the front of your flower bed. In the wild it can be found in the open slopes in subalpine to alpine habitats.

There are 10-40 lavender to violet and occasionally white ray flowers measuring from 7-15 mm long on each flower head. The central disk flowers are yellow.

The haydenii variety can be found almost all over the Pacific Northwest. Also the plants of this variety are smaller with stems occasionally up to 15 cm tall and smaller leaves up to 10cm long and 3mm wide.

The other two varieties are the alpigenus and andersonii. Both of these are bigger than the haydennii reaching heights of 20-30cm and up to 40 cm.

showy aster, alpine aster, mountain aster